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Our Obligation

As a rescue organization, our obligation is to the dogs in our care. It is in the best interest of the dogs who come here for us to maintain confidentiality of the people who call us for help rehoming their dogs.

As a result, you may notice some dogs posted on this site without their name. Unfortunately, breeders who are not supportive of rescue have watched our website and if they knew the dog by name, instead of praising rescue for helping a dog that might have otherwise ended up at a shelter or euthanized, proceeded to contact the people who surrendered the dog and harass them.

We are not interested in getting involved in (written or oral) contract disputes between breeders and the people to whom they sell puppies. It is certainly not part of our mission to enforce any contracts for them.

Our #1 obligation is the well-being of the dogs who come to us. In the best interest of the dogs in our program, our loyalty is to the people who adopt dogs from our rescue, and the ones who call us to help with their dogs.

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